High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles

High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles
High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles
High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles
High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles
High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles
High quality thumb type universal handle Manual gear automatic gear head for bmw e46 m3 mk7 5 gear shift knob cover in Gear Shift Collars from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Item Type: Gear Shift Collars

Year: 2018

Model Name: 999625

Item Length: 1inch

Item Width: 1inch

Item Height: 1inch

Item Weight: 1kg

Material Type: Aluminum alloy ABS

Brand Name: TheMmSo

model: Thumb type

Automobile Refitting Products: Gear shift

Material: Aluminum alloy ABS


Product name: thumb type universal gear head

Accessories: Gear Head 1 (length 12.5CM) + mounting casing 3 + mounting screws 3 + special wrench 1.

Material: ABS plating on superfiber coated surface of aluminum alloy body

The detailed installation process is at the bottom

Product model: manual gear and automatic gear without press and twist (note: installation with press and reverse gear needs to be handled.)
Color system: silver, bright silve
Product features: imported materials, excellent handle, high quality, beautiful position, good price.
Applicable model: for Hanlanda, Carola, RAV4, Alphard/Elfa, FJ Cruiser/FJ Kuluze, Hiace/Sea Lion, Previa/Previa, Sienna/Sena, Sequoia/Sequoia, Tundra/Tanto, Venza/Weihao, Zelas/Jerusalem, Weichi, Yichi, Land Cruiser 4700, Yaris, Mazda 3, Mazda Wing, Mazda C, Mazda CX-5, Mazda 3, Mazda Wing, Mazda C. X-7, Mazda 8, Mazda 5, Lexus ES, Lexus IS, Lexus RX, Lexus LS, Lexus GS, Lexus LX, Chery Tiger, Chang'an, Pentium B50, Pentium B70, Pentium B90, Pentium X80, Chang'an Yuexiang, Chang'an Yuexiang V7, Chang'an Pentium MINI, Chang'an CX20, Chang'an Yuexiang V5, Chang'an Zhishang XT, Chang'an Comfort CS35, Great Wall Bear BYD F0, BYD F3, BYD F3, BYD G5, BYD L3, BYD G6, BYD S6, BYD S7, BYD M6




Bright Silver (Auto PRND up-down)

Bright silver (manual version 135 24R)

Bright silver (wordless)

Matte Silver (auto PRND on-bottom +)

Silver matte (manual 135 24R)



Silver (no words)

carbon fibre







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